Kemer being located in Antalya is luxurious seaside resort on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast with charming cobbled streets and elegant boutiques. One of the part of Kemer is formed by private marina and small beach . Kemer is surrounded by pine forests of Olympos Beydagları National Park where can be seen the cable cars going to the top of Tahtali Mountain. There are places those were left from ancient times waiting to be discovered including famous region with Phaselis Greek-Roman ruins nearby and constantly burning Yanartash. Kemer is an excellent place for any age group where you can do fun and entertaining things.

Chirali Beach

The bay which is lied down from Kemer near the famous Olimpos ruins is Chirali Beach.İt is a long beach mixed of sand and gravel. This unpolluted and tidy area is popular for nest of turtles. İt is optimal place for swimming with its warm clear water, plenty of sunbeds and some restaurants. Since it is not commercial beach you can comfortably sunbathe and enjoy wonderful views.

Adrasan Beach

Being located in calm Adrasan Bay the beach is beautiful ,natural and not too crowded.The fringed Adrasan beach has several bungalows and hostels along with great sea views.İf you want to go away from the crowds a bit and rest ,it is a splendid place to stay in the day time or afternoon.We assure you that you will arrive with a natural drive with coastal views satisfying you with pine forests around in a distance by car 45 minutes from Kemer


The beautiful seaside resort of Kemer is famous for its breathtaking views and impressive beaches with length of 4,2 km .Upon your preferring there are a number of great bay options to spend a day including sand and gravel. İt is also place that do the honours for many Blue Flag Beaches that means clean, quality water and fine sand . Most of Kemer’s beaches offers various water sport activities like jet-sky,scuba-diving,parasailing and smorkeiling.


Kemer is small-scale ,luxury village and it is easy to walk on main shopping streets.There are a lot of boutiques and fashion store along with some supermarkets to meet a wide range of needs. Kemer village is tidy and for resting after shopping there are some excellent sidewalk cafes.

Night Liife

Kemer is lively village with various street bars,neon light clubs and good restaurants options.All of them offer live shows including different themes and music. You can walk to the sea and enjoy one of the atmospheric beach bars, or enjoy some relaxing beverages on the harbor side as the sun sets along the bay.Kemer has everything and there is really something for everyone here.

Sea to Sky Enduro Motorcycle Racing

Sea to Sky 2019 Enduro Motorcycle race competition have been organized in Kemer for 10 years. The organization that is attended by 260 endurists from 28 countries consists of 4 different tracks forming by Canyon, Beach, Forest and Mountain sections.

370 famous sportsmen of enduro sport like Graham Jarvis, Wade Young, Billy Bolt, Mario Roman, David Cyprian, Michel Bossi, Pol Tares, Alfredo Gomez, Teodor Kabakchiyev, Travis Tasdale were attended in organization that was arranged this year on 25-28th of September

Sea to Sky champion was known on the last day of the Mountain Race.Mario Roman one of the best racer was the first to reach the finish line struggling against natural conditions in the race that started from the Kemer coast and finished at the 2365-meter summit of Tahtali Mountain to reach the finish line stage. This Spanish racer who was the second in Sea to Sky Competition in the previous two years, thus achieved the first Sea to Sky title of his career.

Being champion of last year Wade Young came the second this year, while enduro legend Graham Jarvis finished the podium at Kemer.

Nomad Theme Park

This local attraction centre is in a light position separating the coast from the marina located in a distance of short walk from the Moonlight Beach and the marina. The nomadic theme park, with its animating tents and mannequins, revives how Turkish nomads lived to give an idea of the local history and life of the people who lived there in the past. The on-site restaurant submits authentic Turkish cuisine .İt is worth to visit only Kemer and bay view.


Phaselis that’s only 13 km far from Kemer was an ancient Greek city captured by Romans on the Lycian Coast which was then located between the Bey Mountains and the forests of Olympos National Park. The ruins are splendid including the aqueduct and it’s easy to imagine what the once-thriving Lycian port city should be with merchants loading ships with rose oils, perfum

Walking throughout impressive and wide Habour Way will bring you to Roman Bath and theatre ruins among other things you will see obviously wonderful mountain view.

Tahtali Mountain Cable Car Trip

The way to mountain present pine forests and splendid view of below green area. Reachıng to the mountain with height of 2370 meters you will see spectacular panoramic view of turquoise coastline in the South side of Turkey.Service buses move from Kemer Center .


Antalya city is known as the gateway for the Mediterranean Seashore and famous for captivating archeoligical sites, golden sandy beaches formations from ancient time

Mediterranean Seashore in Turkey is approximately 1600 km (994 miles) and Antalya as the main city and holiday resort hosts more than 11 million of tourists every year.

The best way to explore offered variety of city is walking round. You can visit Kaleichi ,which is the oldest district of Antalya city,you can see old bazaars, countless boutiques, fascinating marina and you can walk through the old Albanian cobbled streets.

Antalya Beaches

Antalya city has 8 miles of golden sandy and pebbly beaches, being so Konyaalti and Lara both are the well-known. Lara sea coast is one of the leading resorts because of the quality of sand and closeness to the city ,it is place to many 5-7 stars holiday Villages .

Things to do in Antalya

There are a lot of various things to do in Antalya for people and families of all ages .There are many options for spending a nice time like Sealanya Dolphin Sea Park and Antalya Aquarium,Aqua Park,Land of Legends Theme Park. Antalya Museum is the perfect place for explore ancient areas from the Romans to Byzantines and Belek is providing excellent golf with many courses in a high quality. Even in winter time you can go skiing!

Antalya shopping

There are a lot of shopping malls with world brands in Antalya city. Except world brand you can find many local brands as well.Also you can find goods and food Turkey and Antalya specific in authentic small boutique stores and in shops in Kaleichi(Old City).

Antalya Night Life

Nightlife in Antalya offers you entertainments from Live music and cocktails to hyper clubs and operas to the accompaniment of sea views.

Antalya Weather

Antalya has matchless advantage of protecting by Taurus Mountains from the Northern winds and opportunity that is allowing for habitants and holiday-makers enjoy 300 sunshine days ,3 000 hours per year. This is one of the reasons why Antalya sometimes named as The Pearl of Mediterranean. In summer time there is a little rainfall with a maximum 10 mm of rainfall per month. Throughout the year quıet Mediterranean Sea is mild when the highest sea temperature is 29 ° C each day of August. The warm temperature climate in Antalya is ranging from 20 ° C and 26 ° C