Viking Paradise


Property Size:

167 m2/125 m2

Rooms :

3 + 1

Bathrooms :


Discover Features of Viking Paradise :

167 m2/125 m2

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms


Are you ready to explore the features of Viking Paradise that was Built considering every detail for Your Comfort and Ease?

Our villas are two-storied and offer a magnificent mountain view with its own green garden and an outdoor swimming pool right in front of them.


Wide living room designed with sliding doors opening to garden to get relief and sunlight in a good way.

Kitchen : we have positioned it in such a way to make your family enjoy preparations of meals and breakfasts with comfort

Rooms: there are 3 rooms in total

Bathroom: there are 2 bathrooms in total

You will experience a comfortable and easy life in our villas where every detail is planned with your comfort of life style and expanded with details that will make your living space enjoyable.



We have used well-selected quality equipments for our kitchens, where every detail is designed with your ease of life in mind. In order to have a pleasant time with your family, we paid attention to every detail of the ease of movement and use.

We designed for you our bathrooms with well-selected materials as well as in whole Villa



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